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Building Meaningful Connections Together

Building Meaningful Connections Together

Our Vision, Core Value and Qualities

Jobs, Housing, Health Care and More

Networking, educational, cultural


About Global


Southern China
Cross-Cultural Community

The largest foreign community in southern China, with over 20,000 followers across our social media platforms. Representing more than 100 nationalities, GF truly is a global network (based in China). Locals and expatriate members recognize GF as an integral part of their community, for the support provided in either personal or business development.


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​GF Member's Corner

In the GF Member Corner video series, you will learn about GF Members' life in China, their challenges and triumphs while living here. As well as, how they have benefited from being part of the GF Community.

In this video meet GF Member Xelena 🇺🇸 from San Antonio, Texas, the USA. She's an artist, a published author, a mom, an empowered woman and a passionate human overall.[爱心] 

Check out how she feels about living in China in 2017, her connections with GF, being an active member in the community and her journey of being an author 🌍🤝.

Latest News

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GF Membership

📢Become a GF member for Life for 750 RMB! Buy 2 memberships for only 1200RMB! Join us to build meaningful connections with people from all over the world🌏🤝💜

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Grow your business with us

📈Grow Your Business with GF! With affordable marketing packages📊, your next event, promotion, or training can be shared among the GF Community with over 20,000+ followers👬👭👫. 


Why advertise with us?🧐

As a community platform, GF recognizes the direct needs of our members and partners. 


GF Member in Action

Calling all leaders and doers in the GF community to showcase your business.

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. 

Woodrow Wilson

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